Franz Behr: 22 July 1837 – 15 Feb 1898

By | July 28, 2020

Franz Behr was a German composer well known in his day for composing songs and salon pieces, however he is very rarely heard of today.

The only piece that is known today is Lachtäubchen, Scherzpolka in F major, Op. 303 (La rieuse, polka badine), which is only in the form of transcription as a virtuoso piano piece Polka de W.R by Rachmaninoff. This was one of Rachmaninoff’s fathers favourite pieces but it is unknown whether Rachmaninoff knew that the piece was written by Behr or whether he assumed it was written by his father. It wasn’t until the late twentieth century that the identity of the true composer came to light.

Some of Behr’s music was published under the alternative names of Charles Morley, William Cooper and Francesco d’Orso.

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On we have an arrangement of ‘In May‘ by Franz Behr arranged by Alexandros Kolonelos. For further information on Bateson take a look at Wikipedia.

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