Adriano Banchieri: 3 Sept 1568 – 1634

By | July 27, 2020

A drawing of Adriano Banchieri dressed in monks clothing

Adriano Banchieri was born Tommaso Banchieri in Bologna. He was an Italian composer, theorist, organist and poet and was one of the primary developers and composers of madrigal comedies. He produced mostly sacred and secular music.

Aged nineteen he became a monk and changed his name to Adriano. He was best known at this time as an organist and between 1592 and 1609 he held posts at various monasteries before settling at the monastery of St Michele in Bosco (Near Bologna). He became an Abbot in 1620.

Further Reading & Downloads

On we have a few downloads for you of Adriano Banchieri’s compositions. For further information take a look at Wikipedia  and  Britannica.

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